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Five people in Rotterdam, Netherlands, noticed in 2007 that there was a lack of e-commerce platforms that actually catered to the demands of B2B firms. They made the decision to develop a B2B e-commerce platform that merged e-commerce and ERP technologies. They began by concentrating on the current systems that B2B companies used to manage their operations and provide customer service. With the creation of Tracking-status.com, B2B businesses could now provide customers the same online and offline experiences.

Tracking-status.com is a platform for business-to-business (B2B) commerce that interfaces with current IT systems such as CRM, PIM, and ERP. It simplifies procedures for staff members while providing clients with a customized shopping experience. Tracking-status.com has a global partner network behind it and is a certified SAP and Microsoft Gold partner.

Our Expertise:

e-Commerce Platform

Tracking-status.com Cloud is an inventory and web store synchronization platform that makes complex product catalog generation and management easier. It provides customers with up-to-date information by effortlessly integrating with your ERP. By providing a PIM system for product information, the platform lowers operating expenses and improves searchability. Additionally, it provides sophisticated order and inventory management, enabling effective processing of big SKU lines and real-time data entering. Along with content management, Tracking-status.com Cloud provides a visual designer that doesn’t require coding for simple storefront design and an OpenAI automatic description tool for writing descriptions for product pages.

Business-to-Business Administration

Sales teams may concentrate on providing a personal touch with the self-service features that Tracking-status.com Cloud offers, which are tailored for intricate B2B situations. It enables account administration, more transparency, and real-time order placement. Additionally, the platform supports distinct business rules, an order approval workflow, and account management budget constraints that are unambiguous.

Customers may buy online, pay for items, and automate the refund and return processes with Tracking-status.com Cloud’s integration of web stores, ERPs, and payment systems. By delivering fixed and real-time shipping alternatives depending on nation, order total, weight, and dimensions, as well as precise information connected with Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP systems, Tracking-status.com Cloud streamlines B2B shipping and logistics for online retailers.

Analytical Perspectives

Tracking-status.com Cloud integrates data from your ERP and online store to provide you a thorough picture of the buyer’s journey. With the help of this 360° perspective, web shop adoption rates, repeat order rates, and sales volumes can all be increased. Key B2B web shop KPIs are included in pre-set dashboards, guaranteeing that no sales opportunity is lost. Sales teams can have educated conversations and accomplish goals with the help of Tracking-status.com Cloud’s actionable sales insights. Additionally, the platform offers benchmark data so that users may assess web store performance in relation to peers in the industry as well as past data from their own records. Abandonment rate, bounce rate, order research percentage, and view to basket conversion rate are important performance indicators.

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