Carol Wright Gifts Order Status Tracking

Enter Carol Wright Gifts Order Status Tracking number in below online tracker form to track and trace your Courier, Order, Package, Shipping delivery status details online.

Carol Wright Gifts Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: 1-800-267-5750
Contact Email: No Details
Mailing or Letter Support Address: PO Box 7823 Edison, NJ 08818-7823

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20 thoughts on “Carol Wright Gifts Order Status Tracking

  1. Patricia Barthel Reply

    I sent an order on Feb. 3 my check cleared the bank on the 7th. Have not heard anything about my order.
    Would like to know when the order will arrive.

  2. Patricia L. Boyke Reply

    I sent in an order with my check that cleared my bank on the 14th of April. Have not received my order and do not have a tracking order # to check on my order.

  3. Shirley Rattler Reply

    Hw can I look up my order status if noone don’t sent me a email

  4. Carol Dennington Reply

    Could you please tell me where order # XKLX7600 is at. When will it ship, two items on order


    sent online order on 5/11/20…would like a tracking number. did not receive confirming email but already got charged

  6. DAWN WRIGHT. Reply


  7. Noris Rodriguez Reply

    Hi, I want to know if my order is in process already and very much.

  8. Noris Rodriguez Reply

    ACCT#N553 3436 866. I want follow my order but I not have the tracking number. can you please send me one tracking number okay and thank you very much

  9. Eltha Hannum Reply

    I got a notice that my order Is
    Out of stock. I do not have an
    Order number.
    Please advise.

  10. Kathleen wise Reply

    I have not received my back support cushion for 24.99 that has already been taken out of my account.

  11. Karen Hazen Reply

    I sent an order with a check for $56.58, on Nov. 24. Check number 1245. I haven’t heard anything. Thought I ordered soon enough to have them for Christmas. Since I ordered through the catalog I have no tracking number. Please find my order

  12. charles becker Reply

    I placed an order for AC covers in October 2020 and now it is December 2020 and yet have not got these WHY?

  13. Connie Smith Reply

    I’ve already paid for 3 activity throws on 12-9-20 & requested them to be mailed to my Neice. I gave her address & verified it being correct. She hasn’t received this paid order! Within 2 hours I ordered from 2 other catalogs & had items sent to her for Christmas. She got the other 2 orders I’ve sent but not this one.The throws were on sale for $7.99 (6.99?) for order of 2 or more. Frozen 2, Captain America & I don’t remember the other one but it’s a Male Character. One of each was ordered for her 3 children so I’d like to know about this order.
    Will you Please let me know where the order was delivered to?
    She never got it & when I called I was told it was going to be delivered on Monday but give it a few day’s more. I called about it again & was told give it a few days. That’s been over a week ago. Please help find where it is. My Neice didn’t get it !!!

  14. Sharon R Lincoln Reply

    I’m looking for the rest of my order.& you only mentioned #92643 was on back order. I’m still looking for the mop handle that goes with the 2 reusable mop heads that I received. I love the clock I received but want info on the rest of my order please & a tracking #. My original order # was OPEAK24004. Thank you.

    PS: I see there are lots of people in the same boat as me. This was my first order from Carol Wright & may well be my last.

  15. Marta Mora Reply

    On January 18 2021 I mailed a check for $55.14. I have not received my order or tracking number. Where is my order.? The Check was cleared, so what is going on.

  16. Mary Bierner Reply

    I requested a refund in January this year for an order that was on a truck for delivery (December 8,2020). Apparently the order was stolen or lost. Anyway it never arrived at my door. No refund either! /why not? This is too long to wait for something that was supposed to take 3-5 business days.

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