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Enter Forex Cargo Tracking number in the tracking tool (Scroll below to See) to track and trace your Balikbayan Box, Cargo, Package, Shipment and Get Real time delivery status details online.

Forex Cargo Inc Customer Support :-

Phone Support number : +1 (855) 77Forex (or 773-6739)
Email Address: No Information

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Forex Cargo Service is available to Philippines, UK, Bahrain, Canada, Manila , USA, Toronto , Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, etc…

40 thoughts on “Forex Cargo Tracking

  1. Myra Soon Reply

    When you will arrange the delivery of my forex box . It’s been one month since I send it. The box already in Valenzuela, pHilippines since 21 sept, 2020. Paki arrange naman ng immediate delivery kung puede. many thanks in advance po.

  2. Mildred Khaedo Reply

    I want to know the status of my balikbayan box. I sent it October 3 but until now they don’t received it. May I know what happened to my balikbayan box?

  3. Cornassion Fernandez Reply

    Hi sir/maam, I have a question about my box. It’s been 1 month. Where is it now? Thank you

  4. Arestides M. Echon Sr. Reply

    I want to know the status of my balikbayan box I sent two months ago.

  5. Perlita R Mulato Reply

    Want to know the status of our Balikbayan Box.

  6. Evelyn Mosher Reply

    I want to know when you going to deliver my box, the box already in Valenzuela, Philippines, then TRANSFERRED TO PROVINCIAL DEPOT (–).
    Thank you!

  7. Karen Pimienta Reply

    Sir/Maam, I want to know the status and location of our balikbayan box. It was sent last April 2021 and yet there is no information. How we track it?

  8. Elisa Nodar Reply

    Please can you check the status of my balikbayan boxes to calubian Leyte
    DKM519322,DKM519323, DKM519324

  9. Donald E Wagner Reply

    There was an attempt to deliver my boxes to my wife, DKM 607811 and DKM 54660 on 7/17/2021, and it was noted that there was no one to receive it. I would like to schedule another attempt to deliver, and make sure that there is someone to receive it. How can I do that?

  10. Teresita Rogado Reply

    how can i track my balikbayan box and also want to know the status of those boxes. tracking # DKM 520470 and DKM 520469

  11. Romulo gabertsn Reply

    I can not reach and track my balikbayan box pls. Help me. NTOC 631309

  12. Tessie moilan Reply

    I want to know when you going to deliver my forex box to the distenation. It’s been over two months. My box already in Valenzuela:Philippines August 8 ;2021 let me know thanks

  13. Yehlen Garcia Reply

    I want to know my balik bayan box ,its been more than two months now.i sent June now its August?

  14. Liliberh C. Hernandez Reply

    Please kindly track my 2 balikbayan boxes which were sent on July 2021 from Winniperg to Philippines.

  15. Amelia Jagger Reply

    Good morning
    my tracking number 273536 and 273535 was pickup July 7/21 from Urraween QLD
    I would like to know the status of my boxes

  16. Jhie Reply

    I want to know where is my balikbayan box now? Because the worker in forex told me that package is in the port manila on Sept 28. why until now not yet delivered in my home?

  17. Felina Agas Reply

    Sent my 2 balikbayan boxes while in Calgary June 27, 2021. Came home to Philippines August 2, 2021. Until now I havent receive it yet. Please deliver it soon.

  18. Jerry Crews Reply

    I can not reach and track my balikbayan box pls. Help me. DMK 560180 & DMK 560181

  19. Agnes Rances Reply

    I want know the status of these boxes with tracking numbers DKM 608091-DKM 608092 and DKM 608093. My boxes is already to Valenzuela Warehouse on Dec 4, 2021.

  20. Cherry parabas Reply

    I want to know the status of my balikbayan box. I sent it on last November 10 from Malaysia. I want to know if when you going to deliver my balikbayan box to the destination. My invoice number #AKL472052

  21. Emmanuel Vasquez Reply

    It’s been a month since i dropped off my boxes but to this date there has been no updates on your tracker. I am a regular customer and this is a constant issue. What is the use of having a tracking system if it’s not even updated regularly. This makes me think that it has not even left port yet. An update would be great.

  22. Annabel besmonte Reply

    Hi, good morning. I just want to ask, when will my package bound to sorsogon be delivered? Tracking number akl472196

  23. Shella Casayas Reply

    I just want to know about my balikbayan box? I send it on October 30 2021.

  24. Miriam Grace S. Arboleda Reply

    I Want to know the status of my balikbayan box which is for pick-up

  25. Jona Labastida Reply

    Hello, I just want to know about the status of my box, DKM700646. When I track it, it says that it is already in provincial depot since Jan 18. And since it’s Jan 24 now and I wonder when are you going to deliver it to me? Thanks

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