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Langley HWDC (Royal Mail) Customer Support Contact:-

Telephone Number: 03457 740 740
Text Telephone Number: 03456 000 606.

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109 thoughts on “Langley HWDC Tracking

  1. Michelle Steadman Reply

    I had an item delivered to Langley HWDC on the 7th September 2019 and it only arrived at the intended destination today 17th October 2019 It was a very important document and I had to cancel a proposed trip because of this horrendous delay, it’s disgusting to wait 6 weeks for an item to be delivered that was sent registered!!!! with a tracking number RF181442012ES I would like to know how to claim compensation for the stress and worry I have endured.

  2. Michelle Steadman Reply

    I sent an important document registered to the Uk, it arrived on 7th September at HWDC, and was only despatched to the delivery address yesterday 17th October. Disgusting service. Had to cancel my plans and reschedule, due to the incompetence of the people there, thanks to them I will now miss my granddaughters 1st Birthday!!! Bunch of twats. I would like to receive compensation for the stress and worry this has caused.

  3. Paul Cody Reply

    I sent a piece of post tracked and to be signed for on 09/12/2019 to Ireland. Over a week later it had not arrived and on checking, 9 days after posting it had only left the UK via Langley, Ref. RN521107669GB. Still has not been received by recipient.
    Very poor service, because at time of sending I also sent other mail to Ireland in normal post which has been received. Very disappointed.

  4. barbara wilkinson Reply

    I sent a gift of baby clothes to Hastings New Zealand posted track international track and sign on 31st March 2020 it has not yet left Langley HWDC as at 1st May 2020.

  5. Isobel Thompson Reply

    Posted a small Recorded package to Portugal on 2nd May – RN 584138044GB ,when I track it is saying that it is still leaving UK on 16th ,it was a birthday gift for my granddaughter Birthday.
    I was so disappointed as I sent it in plenty of time allowing for small delay due to coronavirus.

    Please advise where is my package?????

  6. Brian Matthews Reply

    Item destined for New Zealand under tracking number RN588684368GB was to have left Langley HWFDC at 2.34am Wednesday 6th May. Where is this package now, as it has not arrived in NZ as of 5.24pm Monday 18 May ? Royal Mail site unable to shed any further info on it’s progress. Appreciate there may be delays due to Covid-19 but this is taking really too long.

  7. Mr Noah Adegasoye. Reply

    An important parcel was sent as registered signed delivery from 150 Stoke Newington High
    Street on the 15th May 2020 to Lagos Nigeria.
    Ref: RZ320573805GB.
    It is going to more than two weeks yet the item has not been delivered. I was told that this item will be delivered with 6to
    7 working days but yet nothing has been delivered.

    I would really appreciate your quick response to this matter.

    • Sharon Churchill Reply

      I ordered a parcel in march it arrived with you on 22nd June.IT HAS NOT MOVED SINCE!!! WHERE IS MY PARCEL, royal mail haven’t got it ref LX070838683CN.

  8. Lesley O'brien Reply

    I sent two parcels to Australia International Tracked the first Item LB840594729GB 19March 2020 and it’s still in Langley according to the online tracker, the second parcel LB840594953GB 24March 2020 has only left Langley enroute to Australia on 29th May 2020…….WHY! Where are my parcels ? My daughter sent a parcel from Australia to UK and I received it within 5 days……I have paid over £40 on a secure delivery service and want to know where my parcels are please.

  9. Omolara Reply

    A package was sent to me from the UK since March 22nd 2020 tru hwdc,today is 3rd of june 2020 and im yet to recieve my package…service is really poor…where is my item pls??? Royal mail can’t give record of where my item is…It’s been 3months.. Really Bad..

  10. frank savill Reply

    Hi I had a parcel from Campwins USA it is tracked to your depot tracking no GM275338367114782386 TO SOUTHBOURNE GROVE

  11. Moloy Basu Reply

    I have ordered an item from China which was posted on 27th April and I tracked it and the parcel finally after long wait arrived in the U.K. on 29th May 2020 but then it is showing stuck in Langley HWFDC since 7th June and no sign of moving or any further updates. I can give you the tracking number : EE10007290137790001010003D0N.

    Can you please respond.

  12. Eddie Goodridge Reply

    I ordered an item from the UK on the 14th of April and it was received at LANGLEY HWDC on the 23rd of April. Since then my parcel has been sitting at this international processing centre for over 2 months without any further movement or update!! My tracking number is RS933778251GB.

    Can someone please respond.

  13. Suqiong Zheng Reply

    I am curious where my pacel is going which sent by 5th June. The reference number is RN571778327GB. I don’t know whether it is lost or not. I have no idea where to check and I called the Royal Mail Customer Service who replied that the only thing I can do is to wait. There is something urgent inside. Look forward to reply from relevant people.

  14. Clive Lennox Reply

    Langley received RH018341725SI on 4th April, What is happening with it? It is addressed to Botswana.

  15. Paul Richardson Reply

    It is so frustrating that you can’t speak to anyone useful. The published telephone number returns a message saying it is temporarily unavailable – which over the last 10 days or so appears to be the permanent situation. I am awaiting a small parcel from Spain which according to the tracking left Spain for the destination on 14th May. Six weeks ago. Since then nothing. If 6 week delays are typical because of COVID-19 issues I’d just like to know that and I can be patient a little longer

  16. Wayne Reply

    LO939011556CN My parcel has been at your place since June the 3rd and only just had the update to say that, still not received it and it’s something that’s worth £13 what’s the hold up?!

  17. KNAUF-GIPS Reply

    To where the postal item RR227205768BY was sent on 06.26.2020

  18. Veronica Samuels Reply

    Very important document sent 24 June to Spain sent by International Track & Trace. 3 weeks later still in Langley HWDC: Ref: RN700086535GB. Please could you advise as to why there

  19. Ping Hylott Reply

    Hi An important parcel sent as signed Ref:RN077572795GB It is going to ten days ,the item not been delivered,Still at Langley Hwdc I checked on the website ,Not updated ten days .Thanks a lot for the quick reply .

  20. Maggie James Reply

    My parcel arrived at Langley HWFDC on 2nd July 2020. Tracking number RU762404865GB
    It is still showing that it hasn’t moved on the tracking information.
    It is now 5th August 2020.
    The frustration is not being able to speak to anyone regarding the delay or how long
    it is likely to be held up for.
    The Customer Service line is a pre-recorded message that just cuts off.
    The parcel is required to reach it destination with the next 7 days, so I felt
    I had given it enough time to arrive!!!

  21. Christine Wong Reply

    Posted a small Recorded package to Hong Kong on 21st July – RN 570108317GB ,when I track it is saying that it is still leaving UK on 23r July,it was a birthday gift for my friends Birthday.
    I was so disappointed as I sent it in plenty of time allowing for small delay due to coronavirus.

    Please advise where is my package?????

  22. Dubravka Reply

    Paket broj RF646338856HR poslan iz Hrvatske 27.sijecnja 2020.god. nalazi se od 30.sijecnja 2020.kod vas na carini!? Koliko treba vremena da se paket isporuci, to je proslo vec 7 mjeseci!! Vratite mi ga na moju adresu inace saljem Interpol i vasu unutarnju kontrolu radi ocito krađe paketa!

  23. Alistair Montgomery Reply

    Ref Tracking RN530841073GB
    Hello. I posted 2 damaged / not as advertised watches ( return cargo) back to a company in China on 6th July. This has been a long running dispute with seller and PayPal been involved.
    For me to get a refund they want the items back. Royal Mail told me delivery would be 5 days. The package is showing in Langley. Would you be in the position to update me please. Regards Alistair M

  24. Sonia Reply

    Similar issue to above. Item left China on 31st May, recorded received at LANGLEY HWDC, United Kingdom, 6th July. Still hasn’t arrived & even tracking app says ‘expired’. Other items dispatched at the same time have arrived.
    How can I chase this please?

    • Liam Sheringham Reply

      My parcel has been stuck at Langley for over 2 months now. I have recently moved house & have no idea how to go about changing the address on it. Can someone one help me

  25. William Turner Reply

    You have may parcel there!! that was not delivered in Spain and sent back to you , IT has not got my address on it to return it to me only the Spanish address
    ref : PBIO5202384001 parcel force
    RN529056129GB royal mail
    Can you PLEASE email me back as can’t get hold of you over phone ,so i can give you proof of the address and my address here in uk so you can send on to me

  26. Mike Buckland Reply

    Clearly some posts are going astray or take a long time to arrive, but not all. I have used the service twice since June, and both times I was happy with the service. Most recently I posted an important document on 27 August; it arrived Langley HWDC the next day, Dublin destination 2 September. People don’t tend to say when things go well, so I thought it only fair to do so in the interests of balance.

  27. Barbara Barker Reply

    Not very happy posted a parcel on the 17th August it arrived in Langley the next day & that’s the last update I had, the parcel is for my son who is in Australia Please can you give me some some information on what’s going on,
    I also emailed Royal Mail about this problem from barbara barker

  28. Olwen McLaren Reply

    I have ordered an item from China which was posted on 5th August 2020 and I tracked it but then it is showing stuck in Langley HWFDC since19th August 2020 and no sign of moving or any further updates. I can give you the tracking number : UJ569363198CN

    Can you please respond.

  29. Thelma Bowyer Reply

    I have tracked my parcel from China reference UP751918475CN and it arrived in Langley 23 September 2020. My question is when will I receive it ?

  30. Thelma Bowyer Reply

    This is further to my last question. When I enter my tracking number on royal mail site, it has no trace. Does that mean this parcel from China is floating around Langley and not been checked into their system?

  31. Lari Reply

    Is there any way to contact anyone in Langley to look for a letter or parcel with a valid tracking reference?

  32. Sarah Potter Reply

    This parcel LT289286585NL has been with you for over a week yet I have recieved a different parcel that was only with you for a day. I understand there are delays at this time but just wondered if you could update me

  33. Ahmad Abdallah Reply

    My item was posted on 30.Sep then Received at LANGLEY HWDC on 03.Oct and didn’t update ever since. These are very important documents that i need during this coming week to hand to a lawyer for my brothers court hearing on 21.Oct my tracking number is RN194914475GB please do something about it or else he’s going to have his hearing postponed for at least 40 Days

  34. Shuba Rao Reply

    If I had read these comments above, I would not have sent the parcel through Royal Mail!! Sent some gifts to my daughter in Seoul in time for Christmas and see that it is still stuck in Langley. She cant even visit in the UK because of Corona .. this sucks!
    Royal Mail and Langley please put in more personnel to sort this mess out – it is getting to Christmas and I dread to see the impact this is going to have.

    Urgently need these parcels sent: RN719429232GB
    Tracking parcel 1

    Tracking parcel 2

    Tracking parcel 3

  35. Ismet Reply

    Hi i didn’t received my parcel yet.The tracking number shows me is in Langley HWDC Heathrow. Tracking number is RR752550807AL. Can you contact me please by email
    Thank you

  36. Alex Gowans Reply

    I, too, have a package stuck at Langley with Thailand being the end destination

    I totally understand that there are delays to be expected given the current global situation however I don’t think it is fair for Royal Mail to still advertise that their delivery aim is 5-7 days.
    They also published information that Thailand Post has resumed normal service so the delay seems to lie with Royal Mail as Thai Post assure me the package has yet to enter the country.

    Why accept international deliveries if they are going to sit in the HWDC for 2 weeks and who knows how many more.

    I wish I had just paid more for a more reliable service as my package is time sensitive but such is the benefit of hindsight.

  37. mr j.miller Reply

    i had a letter posted from uk to france with a tracking no, on the 17th nov this is now 1st dec and i have not received this letter i have contacted poste france they have no reference to having received at least they answer the phone the only information i have its at langley i need this letter please help me

  38. Rina Reply

    I sent 4 parcels on 23rd Nov to all the same destination country but only 2 are delivered within 7 days and 2 parcels are still at Langley HWDC. 3 of the 4 parcels are addressed to the same address though. I am just wondering if the 2 parcels are still going to be sent or if not return to me as I put my home address on the side of the box.
    Please advise how to find the situation.
    Thank you

  39. Sue Munro Reply

    I set two parcels to Chicago USA both same adress track and trace on the 24th Nov both arrived at Langley 25th Nov2020 one continued its journey and arrived,, GOOD, second one RN611987011GB still remains at Langley I understand that there are delays and Covid related issues, BUT, fail to understand why 2 parcels, sent same time same date same price, arrived Langley HWDC same day, how they were not despatched together the same time and day??? I have since tried to speak to someone in person on several occassions to find answers, only to get recorded messages which are less than helpful, could somebody inform me,1) is there a problem with said parcel? 2)Will it be delivered? 3) And when? 4) If not sent, will it be returned to me? These are Christmas gifts I thought I had sent early enough to arrive in time. I might add that the same thing happened last year, and one parcel DID NOT arrive till the mddle of January and there was no underlying probs then, PLEASE PLEASE can someone supply me with some relevent info??? I am fast feeling that the Royal Mail and relevent services are taking a small pleasure away from me, I have always considered these services to be more than reliable, but it seems I may be wrong, am very dissappointed and upset, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP??????

  40. Diane Chapman Reply

    Parcel for my new granddaughter sent from PO on 30 Nov with tracking for Perth W Australia. At Langley on 1 Dec at 3am – still there . Paid £20.45 for this poor service & will not be using it again. So disappointed my granddaughter will not receive her Xmas presents in time.

  41. Diane Chapman Reply

    Ref LB526710332GB where is my parcel for Perth W. Australia and will it be delivered by Xmas?

  42. Lucy Bulpin Reply

    I sent a tracked parcel on Dec 3rd, which has been stuck at Langley ever since – it is now Dec 19th, so when will it be put on the plane to Portugal?

  43. Alison Dixon-Theofilaktou Reply

    I posted a parcel to Corfu Greece on the 9th Dec. On the 10th it arrived in Langley HWDC and has been there ever since advising that it is ‘Leaving the UK’ I am unable to visit my daughter due to Covid and they are her Christmas presents. I was advised by the post office that if I paid for signed and tracked it would be there within 5 working days. Very misleading as when I phoned Royal Mail customer services today 22/12 he told me in a very unempathetic bored voice that this was ‘very optimistic’ and may not get there until mid January! I was not advised of this at the time because Royal Mail want to take your money for services they know they can not provide at the moment!!


    REF LB526710332GB Parcel for Perth in W Australia has been with you since 1 December & is Xmas present for my new granddaughter. By the time it is received, if ever, she will be too big to wear it! You have not yet responded to my earlier comment but why can’t you at least tell us what the latest situation as far as freight to Australia is concerned. Trust assured, I’m sure that along with many others, I will no longer use Royal Mail in future to send my parcels

  45. Sagnik Das Reply

    REF LP680765222GB. My item, which is scheduled for India has been showing me “being prepared for dispatch overseas”, since 31st December. It has been stuck in langley ever since. It was supposed to be a new year gift, as I was promised it would get delivered within 5-7 buissnes days. Now its almost the mid of January. And I don’t see any sign of it leaving UK.

  46. Dave James Reply

    Tracking no. RH081253095GB

    We have received your item at LANGLEY HWDC, our international processing centre. Your item is being prepared for despatch overseas. This has not changed status since 2 January. Where exactly is my parcel??? I posted it 30 December on the 5-7 days signed for service and the recipient still not received it.

  47. João Pissarra Reply

    Tracking no. LG394900295GB is at this location since January 2nd. What´s happening? Covid and Brexit cannot explain everything. Please send the item!

  48. Steve C Reply

    The tale of two parcels. I ordered 2 parcels of rock minerals from a seller in Peru, one in early December 2020 and the other at the end of December 2020.

    First parcel arrived at Langley HWDC 23rd December 2020 and has been stuck there for over 4 weeks.

    Second parcel arrived at Langley HWDC January 18th 2021, zipped through HWDC and got delivered 2 days later.

  49. K C Kyriacou Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am trying to track a letter sent from Cyprus on the 29 Dec 2020 the reference number is RQ025908162CY sent from Cyprus on Air 6911 but does not seem to be in UK,over 25 days ago, is it a border force issue with parcels and letters being delayed?
    Please reply by email as there seems no way to enter the Royal mail web system some one needs to look at this process matter.
    My letter is a signed document need for a Land Registry transaction, and could end up very expensive for someone!!!!


    It’s been 2 weeks and there’s no update since 5th February 2021, my reference number is LG540481777GB sent from Chester MC. It says ” Item Despatched to Royal Mail site ” but there’s no update until now. Can anyone of you help me to trace where’s the parcel is. It’s should be departed to Malaysia a long time ago. PLEASE ONYONE AT HWDC HELP ME TO TRACE WHERE THE PARCEL IS RIGHT NOW . thankyou.

  51. Malvern cox Reply

    Trying to track my parcel tracking number lb001221119cn been sent to Langley. will l ever receive it ????

  52. Dobromir Slavov Reply

    hello, I’d like to have an update on my package. It has been received in UK on March 7th. Where is it now. LH132934024US. Is it still in UK or has been shipped to addressee in Bulgaria? I am afraid it has been lost.

  53. ASIF ZAMAN Reply

    i want to know the status of that letter

    Article Track Detail
    January 08, 2021

    5:35 PM
    Mardan Received at MardanDMO

    6:19 PM
    Mardan Dispatch from district mail office Mardan to International mail office IMO Islamabad (BagID:BAG20586934)
    January 09, 2021

    4:56 AM
    ISLAMABAD INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange in origin country

    5:01 AM
    ISLAMABAD INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE Send item to domestic location in destination country KARACHI INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE (IMO Letter)
    January 14, 2021

    2:24 PM
    KARACHI INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE (IMO Letter) Receive item at office of exchange in origin country

    2:27 PM
    KARACHI INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE (IMO Letter) Send item to destination country
    February 05, 2021

    6:57 AM
    LANGLEY HWDC Receive item at office of exchange in destination country

    11:41 AM
    Send item to domestic location in destination country

  54. Maggel Harford Reply

    I am trying to track a parcel received at Langley HWGC, GB on 24 March, 2021, at 5:29 pm GMT Tracking numbers are:20210315011410750C0KNVEM from HUXTON, CO 80731, UNITED STATES. Can somebody please help me???

  55. Stephen Parker Reply

    Why has my parcel been stuck at langly for a month. should I start charging you fines for the delays.

  56. Linda Bradley Reply

    I have had notification of a parcel for me ref LZ6976657111CN which has been at your Langley depot since March I know we are in a pandem but this is ridiculous can you advice please

  57. Mark Andrew Reply

    Please give me an accurate update, I am expecting a letter posted to Djibouti on 22ND MAY, says processing at Langley since 23RD MAY, its only a letter, with very important info

  58. Mark Andrew Reply

    Further to my last message my Tracking Number is RU668386306GB, researching for legal action if not satisfied or get no response

  59. Haneyah Bassardien Reply

    Good morning.
    Ref EMS a China post


    I’m enquiring re the status of my parcel whereabouts that arrived in Langley on 18May 2021.
    As per seller the parcel is in the UK.
    Please contact me to advise delivery of package.

    Much Appreciated
    H Bassardien

  60. Patricia Smail Reply

    Why do you say Leaving the uk and weeks later it’s still there, Bad policy from a big company like your self’s LG819544712GB

  61. Joanna Reply

    My parcel has been stuck! Please help RR438927617PL. Never had that problem before. I need this ASAP.

  62. Anon Reply

    Reading the comments it’s obvious there’s a thief at this place!
    My parcel’s been over a month stuck at Langley. Still havn’t recieved it and doubt I ever will!

  63. L Mulkern Reply

    I have a parcel at the depot since 19 July 21. Must be an awful back-up of incoming mail there. UU186549259CN

  64. Dave Reply

    what going, on at this centre, it should be closed down as it seems it,s not fit for purpose!
    been waiting over 8wks for this item from china tracking say it a Langley UU158576063CN
    Maybe there a black hole and all items vanish i think not!…..if anyone does read this from Langley
    please email us.

  65. Ann Lynn Reply

    My parcel is from China so I only have their tracking number. How can I follow it now. It has been at Langley HWDC since 04.08.2021. Please advise.Thank you.

  66. Mihaela Nia Reply

    I have to receive a letter from June 15, 2021 and I really need it. someone tell me what should i do? where can i call pleaseeee. because everywhere I call I’m told about the pandemic. It is NOT about the pandemic that on the net I find the same problems with unreceived packages from 2018 when there was no pandemic !! what can i do to receive my letter there is a very important document! ref no RR577724830DE. hoping someone will help me

  67. J.A.Elgee Reply

    It states you received item on the 17th August, it’s now the 20th August????

    My concern is …….Why do you still have my “PAID FOR GOODS” in your system 3days after you received them ??
    Why are you delaying the delivery and why is your system so SLOW/SLUGISH?

  68. ALAN MASON Reply

    i am waiting for a parcel that has came from china and entered the UK on the 22nd. i tried tracking it and you put me on to royal mail tracking. i tried to put the track number on but it wont let me finish the number which ends in BON. So i cant track my item. i want to know why it has been in the UK so long without you delivering it. the tracking number is EE10015803799060001030003BON . so can you tell me when it is coming to me and why so long? thanks!

  69. Michael Dickinson Reply

    I ordered an item from China which arrived at Langley on the 6th of August the tracking number is LT889778436NL
    When I put the ref number in it says we’ve got it but you have had it over a month now I was just wondering if you could give me an update.


  70. Sean Reply

    2021-07-17 02:53 China, Item Leaving overseas 2021-07-16 03:12
    Sender preparing item 2021-07-16 02:56 China, Item received at
    Origin – Cached time: 2021-09-17 20:27:09 (GMT+01:00) 2021-08-05 14:49
    Langley, get to the place of sending 2021-07-23 22:30

    23/07/21 package arrived at Langley it’s now 17/09/21, WTF is going on? below is what I get on the royal mail site:

    ‘This item is now leaving the originating country. More information will be available when it arrives in the UK.
    Tracking number:LZ940355205CN
    Item from:China’

    So royal mail have not been notified the package arrived 2 months after it came? Feels like theft at this point.
    No customer facing number or email and no response from the company on here and no contact from the ‘Area 51’ of post

  71. Patricia Smail Reply

    On 15th of September 2021, I sent a parcel to New Zealand. It’s still in Langley 3 weeks later. Just not good enough. If i knew this before, o would have used another service to send to NZ.

  72. Maria Esquinas Reply

    Good morning, I want to know where is my item. it was sent to Spain and it has not been delivered yet. Tracking number is LG842251678GB. Thank you very much

  73. Louise Coyle Reply

    I am waiting on 2 parcels that are stuck in Langley HWDC.
    RR394460633TR this has been sitting in langley since 10th October
    RR396304698TR this has been sitting langley since 15th October

    One parcel is a coat and the other a tracksuit so I don’t understand why these are been held up. Both parcels are for a birthday present now in 2weeks and beginning to get very anxious.

    I would appreciate an update.

    Thank you

  74. John Paul HARRISON Reply

    Sent 2 packages by International PRIORITY Tracked & Signed on 5 November to a friend in USA. One arrived on 12 November – the other RN680262874GB has shown as “Origin post is preparing shipment” since 6 November! Checked again today 22 November at 0800 and still shows the same.

  75. Lorna darwood Reply

    Saturday 27 November 2021

    Item Leaving the UK. LANGLEY HWDC Reference number LG705083814GB. Package still not reached to my son in USA. It’s now 8th December. Checked with USPS, they have not received it. Can someone please help?

  76. Christian Tasker Reply

    I’ve had a parcel struck at langley since 24th November. Tracking # UU298899705CN. Can you update on status please?

  77. Sally Sands Reply

    I sent a parcel to Australia on 30/11/2021. tracking no LB308695647GB. when tracking it shows leaving Uk 1/12/2021. It’s impossible to communicate by phone and having paid £33.50 in good faith to be able to track my parcel I am at a loss. I fear it won’t arrive for Christmas Eve.
    How can you help???? My family emigrated and this parcel was important for Christmas especially for children. I have no idea where it is do what’s the point of ‘the tracking service? Please find it.

  78. Joel Norrman Reply

    I sent a package from Sweden to my friend in Scotland and it’s been stuck with you for over a month now and was hoping for some kind of delivery date. It arrived 8th of december and it has still not even been handed over for delivery yet. I’ve been in contact with Royal mail and they havent gotten it. The tracking number is RR877986723SE.

  79. Leah Baker Reply

    Hi i have a parcel located in langley centre, reference number RN729743485GB. It has been there since December 14th and i would like it to be returned to sender, i’m happy to cover postage costs back to me. How can this happen????

  80. Mohamed lamine Dir Reply

    I’ve been waiting on important documents to arrive from uk since 20th December 2021
    Still haven’t received anything to date
    Please can you give me some information please
    The documents are very important to me

  81. I Park Reply

    Please provide up date on parcel that has been at Langley since 12.41 on 11 November! LT953369463NL

    Please advise.

  82. Arune Reply

    Hello, My shipment is with you for 2 weeks. when will it be delivered to me?

    Tracking numbers LB012556232CN and Lv387351981CN.

  83. Anan Reply

    Would you please update me regarding my parcel, which you recieved on 27th Jan 2022.
    I have not heard any further updates since this
    There are few important documents there
    Parcel no RR068254224CZ


    Tracking number:

    Service used:
    International Tracked and Signed

    Parcel of signifiant value is failing to be tracked effectively. Recipient of the parcel has been told it arrived and then was sent back. Royal mail tracking states it is stuck at Langley.

    I have covered the parcel up to the amount it is worth so either give me a clear answer of what’s going on or give me my money back.

  85. Mariana Reply

    My letter still in Langley from 24 of December
    Tracking number RN789907075GB. Why is taking so long? Thank you

  86. ganbaatar Reply

    Where is this package now? Tracking number RZ095539243GB. There was no change in status for last 1 month.

  87. Rob Reply

    Hi there … My package has been with you for about six months and I don’t know what is going on. Referens Number is: LT896563872NL.  Hopes for your quick reactions.  Regards

  88. Sharon Skelly Reply

    Good morning. I ordered from petsupplies net, it was processed through your facility March 16. Tracking #LE113892247GB. Any thoughts as to when I might receive this? I understand it has to go through customs.
    Thank you

  89. Stephen Blenkinsop Reply

    Royal Mail tracking states parcel has left our (Langley HWDC)International Processing Centre on Friday 15th April at 07.52, on Monday 20th April no sign of it moving ?
    Can you please current status of LB014039001CN. Thanking you

  90. Nathaniel Tichiwangana Reply

    Tracking number RF174885783GB. International Tracked and Signed

    I’m waiting for a parcel of great importance and urgently destined for Zimbabwe is hanging at LANGLEY HWDC since 22 April 2022, no update yet.

    Please help to expedite delivery and advise on when I can expect the parcel.

    Alternatively, is there any other means on how the process can be expedited?

  91. Cesar Reply

    I have been checking the tracking number (RZ373058282GB), however since April 12th the tracking reports the item is being prepared for despatch overseas, and until today April 28th, don’t know why Royal Mail does not despatch the package. Have been trying to. Could you please help me, when the package will be shipped to my country with the consequent update in the tracking information?.

    Thanks in advance

  92. Regis Pauly Reply

    Hi UK,
    I send a small parcel from Luxemburg to a Luxemburg client,
    follow me: LX 200289835LU
    why did the parcel arrived (27 august) after 2 days I forwarded it to the luxemburgish Post to you ? Langley HWDC? That’s a terrible mistake and the lux. POST is very lazy to do anything and let me in the dark!
    I need this parcel back, the client is an university student and he need these parts I send to him for his diploma project.

  93. Mrs Valerie Martin Reply

    Tracking No. LX058945636CA
    Will you kindly let me know when the above item will be delivered to me. This for my grand-daughter’s 21st birthday on the 7th September and will be upset if I don’t get it on time.

  94. dc Reply

    Wtf.. I’ve had packages pass through Langley in 45 minutes before but my latest was posted on the 26th last month, seemingly disappeared then popped up at Langley on the 6th and there has been no update since (now 21st) ..
    I thought that was terrible but having read some other complaints on this page it really make you wonder what’s going on.. My package contains items that over time will diminish so I’m very concerned

  95. Stephen Brownlee Reply

    My tracking number is LH178317947US was received at Langley Wed.14 September 2022 and Heathrow International LC Sat.17 September 2022. The tracking says: We have your item and it’s on its way. As of today Sun Oct.30 2022 no more information on the package and the person in Nottingham who was to receive the package has not received it. Please advise as to the status of this package. Should I be concerned that my package may be lost or is this normal for mail in the UK at this time.


  96. ROGER SMITH Reply

    Still waiting for a package that arrived in the UK on the 22 nd October 2022 and as of today 10 days on still nothing. What makes me angry there is no one to speak to about the issue. I do not even believe i am going to receive.

  97. L Finnan Reply

    I’m desperately seeking an update on this: LL509941061IE

    I need it to get to a notary and embassy ASAP, or I could potentially lose the job I have secured. It left Ireland 10 days ago. Tracking tells me it is in Langley.

    Please update me?

  98. Marisa Prast Reply

    I sent a package with tracking from Germany to England on 09/20/22. It arrived in England on September 22, 2022. It has not been updated since then. Please let me know what the reason for this is and when I can expect the package to be delivered. The tracking number is RT073755753DE.

  99. chill Reply

    I have posted an item which contains very important documents including my passport and my daughter original birth certificate for her passport application in our country embassy in the UK. The tracking number is RL550916270IE which was sent from Ireland. It has been stuck in the status Item has left our International Processing Centre since 24/11.
    I am really worries if it gets lost as it contains original documents as stated above, especially the original birth certificate. Could you please help if there is any problem with it? Or would it be able to delivery to our embassy or return it to me?

    Many thanks

  100. Neville Hooks Reply

    I ordered a slide scanner in August this year after seeing it advertised on Facebook. It is coming from China and according to Tracking info below, it arrived at Langley 26th August. Please can you help and advise if it is lost or what the problem is?

    Tracking number UU417708868CN

  101. Dennis Reply

    This item is very urgent and time-critical, pls could you let me know when it will be delivered?

    Tracking: RQ124678134DE

    Pls, can you deliver this asap.

  102. M Kaye Reply

    Can someone from Royal Mail please find out where a small parcel I posted to the USA on 4th December 2022 is please? I sent it via my local post office International Track Sign RN826739467GB. So far it’s still showing as “We’ve Got It” I spoke to someone at Royal Mail Customer Services 03457 740 740 on 28th December 2022 and after giving the reference number I was told it was waiting to be scanned at Langley HWDC but there was a backlog of about 16 days or so due to strikes. Can someone in Royal Mail please be very kind and let me know what’s happening to my parcel (RN826739467GB)? Many thanks for your time, Marie

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