ALAS Cargo Tracking

Enter ALAS Cargo Tracking number in online tracker tool (Look Below) to track and trace your Cargo, Balikbayan Box, Shipping and Get real time delivery status information.

ALAS Cargo Customer Support :-

Hotline Phone Number: +63 2 661 2527
Email: No Information

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ALAS Cargo is based on Philippines and providing services to Cerritos, West Covina Ca, Hayward, Vallejo, Carson, Island Pacific, USA, National City, Las Vegas, Daly City, Union City, West Covina, San Diego, Oxnard Ca, Miami, Marikina, Los Angeles, Barquisimeto, Nevada, etc…

5 thoughts on “ALAS Cargo Tracking

  1. Grace Anne Marchessa Hamaguchi Reply

    i want to track our package from US but i don´t have the tracking number.. would it be possible?

  2. Roberta Dalmacio Reply

    Hi, I am the recipient of a package from Stanton, California that my son sent last Oct 03, 2020.
    I have not received it yet. Tracking # 495299.

  3. Michael Loyola Reply

    this is my tracking number 594185 when I try to track my balikbayan boxes it say’s that the online tracking is not available your service provider. is there any way of tracking my balikbayan boxes just so I know the status on the delivery. thank you.

  4. Χαρά Σιδηροπουλου Reply

    Μπορείτε να μου πείτε πού βρίσκεται η παραγγελία μου;;;;;;;

  5. Γαλανακη Γεωργια Reply

    εχω μια παραγγελια με αριθμο αποστολησ 190187134877 υποτιθεται θα ερχοταν απο την προηγουμενη εβδομαδα αλλα ειναι αφαντη και δεν υπαρχει τροπος να επικοινωνησω μαζι σας..θελω να μαθω τι γινεται με την παραγγελια μου..δεν μπορει να μενω κλεισμενη στο σπιτι 2 εβδομαδες

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