Equick China Package Tracking

Enter China Equick Tracking number in following online tracker system to track and trace your Courier, Parcel, JD Equick SP Package, International Shipping delivery status details online.

Equick International Transportation Co.,ltd Contact Details:-

Customer Support Phone number: +1 400 706 6078
Contact Email: cs@equick.cn

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Equick is providing delivery services to China, UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany, etc…

25 thoughts on “Equick China Package Tracking

  1. Patrik Boström Reply

    On May 9, I ordered and paid for 3 pieces of cigarette paper from Wish, about €17 including postage. Yesterday + today an announcement that it can be picked up at the CM Kupitta post office. A very small package “maybe 3?”. I just opened it, IT CONTAINED ONLY 1 LTK MOON PAPERS!!!

  2. Anne Laitinen Reply

    I want to return the products I ordered because they were not the right size. Where do I send?

    I need an address where to send items I ordered. They didn’t fit to me. Please, send me an address. Thank you.


    Tracking number EQKPT8572699863YQ

    Good morning, above one is the tracking number of a package that I have to receive. He says he arrived at my address. Contact me and I have no notification of it

    Can you please tell me where my package is so I can pick it up or will you bring it to me?

  4. Ann- Kristin Nyeggen Reply

    The absolutely wrong package was delivered to my mailbox. This is poor service. I ordered something completely different.

  5. Seija Rautio Reply

    Hi, I want to return the plastic shoes I received. I ordered some good-looking sneakers and received plastic bags. Now the instructions say that a return label will be sent to the email. HAH, A LABEL ON THE EMAIL. HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET IT FROM THERE TO THE PACKAGE.

  6. Rita Lie Nese Reply

    Hello. I have received the wrong item and would like to return it. Can’t find an address or phone number.

    Tracking number: 56543752

  7. Éva Székely-Benczédi Reply

    I received the package with EQ-COD number W19291020or AWB 9748265240201, but the product does not fit me, it is too small, I cannot wear it. I want to return the product. Either send me a bigger one, or please return my money.

  8. Leila Nurminen Reply

    I ordered winter boots through you, which I returned because they didn’t fit. I have agreed on the invoice through LARNA. However, you have not informed them about the return. Could you please provide the information as soon as possible!
    The return date was 9/12/2022
    Tracking number JJFI00000630003144904

  9. Carola Eriksson Reply

    Hi ordered 2 multi-function egg beaters BUT only received 1 and have paid for 2. How should I contact or get the second beater?? Or the best would be if I got the money back for beater number 2.

  10. Keijo Hakala Reply

    The hoodie I ordered was way too small even though it was supposed to be a 5XL size.
    Are your sizes not right at all?

  11. Zamfiropol Rodoclia Reply

    I want to make a return. Where can it be done and how?

  12. Jaana Reply

    How to return completely unsuitable shoes – Wen Zhi dou Trade limited – Order number 2405818889704708247623-001

  13. Dorina Munteanu Reply

    I want to return a product.
    Please send me the delivery address and I would like to return the amount of 215.00 lei.

  14. Στέλλα Αλεξίου Reply

    How can I return one that I received from you?

  15. Bartalis Judit Reply

    I received the package with the number AWB 9479365240110, the product does not fit me, it is too small, I cannot wear it. I want to return the product. Please return my money.

  16. Juncanariu Marius Reply

    Hello, I want to return a package with tracking number REQKTP8578358818YQ, the product is of poor quality.

    I called AWB phone number 0722944348 Barbu Daniel and I was told that it does not accept returns. It is the customer’s right to return a product if it is non-compliant. How can I resolve this issue without going to OPC?

  17. Rettegi Victoria Reply

    Please tell me how I can return the product because I don’t even have the invoice.

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