XYZ Global Express Tracking

Enter XYZ Global Express Tracking number in online tracker tool located below to track and trace your Door to Door Cargo, Balikbayan Box, Shipment and Get Real time delivery status information immediately.

XYZ Global Express Corp Customer Support :-

Phone Support number : 1-888-6407141
Email Address: No details

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XYZ Global Express Corp office is located in Manila, San Diego, Las Vegas, National City, Philippines, etc…

24 thoughts on “XYZ Global Express Tracking

  1. Christine c quezon Reply

    Can i track my box using the name of the receiver alone? Tnx

  2. Marissa Ventura Reply

    Caveat Emptor. DO NOT TRUST the driver courier of this cargo carrier by the name of Jun Santos. This man just picked up our balik-bayan box last Nov. 19 Thursday morning and left without giving the receipt for the box he took. In our phone conversation with him he said he will send a text to my phone. Up to now this man has NOT send any text yet. Am appealing to the management of XYZ to discipline this kind of employee. He CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Pls.

  3. Juanito Mirasol Reply

    When do we expect our box
    be delivered on our front door?

    Do you have a hotline number in Manila ?

  4. Shirley Lopez Reply

    Its been 2 moths since my auncle sent the package. when will we receive it? Sender name is Conrado Mallari of US. send to me Shirley Lopez

  5. Grace Escusa Reply

    Where is my box? it’s been a week since you received on june 9. can you give us the number so that we can follow up. Thank you

  6. Arturo Saquilayan - Shipper for Jenevieve Abajo Reply

    what is my tracking number for inv S231690

  7. Susima bernal dasalla Reply

    Where is my box? my auntie sent the box on last may 2021, its been 3 months already. could you give us an update pls?

  8. Susima bernal dasalla Reply

    I need your hot line number so that we can follow up our package. thank you..

  9. Juanita Macaranas-Kelly Reply

    I sent several boxes to my sisters in Manila dated May 15, 2021. Until now, it did not delivered. It was promised several times it will be delivered soon but not luck. What’s going on? I trusted your company and been using your service for many years. In fact I planned to send another 10 boxes total for Christmas gifts for all my relatives. I need explanation and need this answer asap. If having problem delivering it, let me know. My family are willing to go to the storage and pick it up. Invoice SD271671 and SD271672.

  10. Rubelyn tacbobo-tahir Reply

    I don’t received my box form Las Vegas to Cagayan de oro city. Its 2 months already. Help me to track my box name of sender rubelyn tacbobo-tahir

  11. Toniet C. Carinal Reply

    When can I expect my box be delivered?

    Can u give me your active number so that i can follow up my package?

  12. Henriette frederiksen Reply

    Hello. Have received an SMS that you cannot read the sender and receiver address plus you will have an amount of DKK 7.95. why?? and you’ve got hold of the recipient, it’s me. I don’t see why I have to pay more because my package is damaged.

  13. Luningning Agoncillo Reply

    why until now i can’t truck my 2 boxes. The trucking number is N296773. Can u please check the location of the boxes. Thank you.

  14. Sally Ayson Haywood Reply

    I arrived here in Patnongon Antique on 20 March 2022, I’m hoping by the time I arrived the package I sent is already here, unfortunately it was not received. I traced the Tracking number: TX269453 status showing ETA 3/28/2022. Please kindly confirm this package will arrive on time.
    Thank you.

  15. Ernesto Hilario Reply

    Can you give me the tracking number of the box sent from San Francisco by Zenaida Nunag to me, Ernesto Hilario on 2/24/2022?

  16. Sally Ayson Haywood Reply

    I tracked the Door-to-Door courier that sent on 02/27/2022 from Texas. The current status posted on line tracking “Received in Local Warehouse” 4/18/2022.

    I need to know when this will be delivered to Patnongon. Antique?

  17. myriel ann cruz Reply

    hi how can i contact the driver of the cargo .. my balik bayan box doest have a contact number my mother forgot it .. please reply

  18. Mely Lozano Reply

    When will I receive my package. It’s almost 2 months. My husband always texting me if I already received it. Can I get the name of the courier and his number?

  19. Joseph albiola Reply

    When do we expect our box? My auntie sent the boxes on last May 2022

  20. Joseph albiola Reply

    When do we expect our boxes?
    Sender: Stella sayre
    Receiver: Lorna cañedo

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