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Enter the Home Depot Order Status Tracking number in below web tracker form to Check your Parcel, Shipping, Custom Carpet Package, Special Courier status and Get Estimated delivery date information online.

Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Customer Support Section:-

Phone Number: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)
Contact Email: Customer_Care@homedepot.com

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22 thoughts on “Home Depot Order Tracking

  1. Ray Walsh Reply

    I am looking for my order its echo weed eater I think I may have given a wrong email

  2. Sheryl choice Reply

    I’ve been trying to order some samples of vinyl siding! I’m not sure it even went thru, but as I was looking it was shipping to the wrong store. I need it shipped to Issaquah WA Home Depot store.

  3. Enrico Rossi Reply

    I ordered a 5gal can of stain, suppose to be delivered to the Shirley , N. Y. Store . I lost my order number and receipt it suppose to be delivered on 6/2/2020 today but I haven’t herd anything . Can you find my order number so I can track it . Thank You

  4. james smith Reply

    I lost order number for my kitchen appliances that supposed to be delivered on Sept. 8 2020 can you find my order number so i track it

  5. Eleanor Wong Chong Reply

    I am looking for status shipment for a Trailer that should be on order. Wish you could help

  6. Eleanor Wong Chong Reply

    Am looking for status shipment for a Trailer that should be on order. Wish you could help 959 8481

  7. Michael Straus Reply

    Ordered Weber genesis e 310 on 10/1/2020 and haven’t received


    don’t have my order number and trying to find out when they are delivering my stove and fridge.

  9. LouAnn Duncan Reply

    I ordered a Glitzhome 10.25 in. H Distressed Solid Wood Birdhouse with flower. Qty. 1 Price $24.00. I was given a est. delivery date of April 9, 2021. This price has been deducted from my account but have not received. Could you possibly check on this shippment for me. I don’t have a Tracking Number. Thank you for you help.

  10. susana floes Reply

    i placed an order last night but i am not sure if it went through. can you check for me?

  11. Rolly Beaulieu Reply

    I placed an order over 10 days ago. the order was for Mod SL177 Classy Caps. After I ordered online I did not received an email from Home Depot like I have in the past . I called and finally got through and spoke to a lady and I explained to her my situation and she ask for my email and I gave it to her and she said there is the problem type error so she said (last Thursday) she would correct the issue and I should receive an email from her in a couple of days so I could track my order. Well here we are Thursday May 13/21 NO EMAIL NO TRACKING NUMBER and I don’t know where my order is and when I’m going to get it?

  12. Andrew Keith Reply

    My clients name is Sabrina Storm . We are engaged in a big project here in PORTLAND OREGON and Home Depot is my primary supply chain provider and provisioner. I ordered some LVL Engineered lumber and tried to see if my order had come in online and the system would not let me check. What is the procedure for me to be able to check if things I ordered are in. Everything is done through her Oro account with you. That’s the only access I need is checking order status only.. any ideas?

  13. Donna Moore Reply

    I ordered a custom order exterior front door on May 25 and was told, it would be delivered in June 29. I never received a tracking Number. It has not been delivered, and the local Home Depot says they can’t help us, but we will receive an email. No email yet. I have tried to call customer service twice and each time was told due to a problem they could not answer at this time. I needed my door yesterday!

  14. brent Reply

    ordered two five gallon buckets and two gamma lids. Don’t have a tracking number. how can i check the status of my order

  15. Patrick Angrand Reply

    Trying to track down my order and they want to charge me to speak to an “expert”??? They want to charge for that?

  16. Mario Mandujano Reply

    I am still missing two cabinets from my order. The shipping company has not received the cabinets from Home Depot. Home Depot won’t tell me where the cabinets are or a tracking number or when I can more or less expect them. I have been calling 8 times and everyone has a different story to tell me. This time I was speaking with Deshaundra and I think she hung up on me because she didn’t want to answer my question which is where are the two cabinets that I am missing from my order and when will the delivery people receive them to bring them to me. It is a very simple question. The installers are not going to wait around for me not knowing when these cabinets are coming in. They were to have been delivered May 23rd. We ordered all in stock cabinets. We did not receive the entire order on May 23rd. I was told the rest would be delivered on the next day May 24th. They were not. I was hung up on because they couldn’t answer my question. I just need to know where the cabinets are and when to expect them.

  17. jerry winters Reply

    In July I ordered and paid for a custom size window. I have never heard a word about it. the order # is 6035322/34151988.

  18. Linda Wiechec Reply

    I ordered carpet for 3 rooms. 2 were the same ,1 was different. The carpet was delivered on October 1st, but they came with only 1 style of carpet for all 3 rooms. After s speaking with someone on the phone, they asked me if I wanted them to carpet one room. I told them “no,” I wanted all the rooms done at the same time, as in preperation for them to lay the carpet, I had to rent a small u haul to put all my furniture in.
    So they told me to contact Home Depot because they were only the contractors. My problem is I cant find my copy of my contract. Does Home Depot have one? At this point, I am not even sure if I want to continue with contract, or cancel it. And what about the money I spent on renting the u haul?
    Please advise.

  19. Deborah Wilson Reply

    Have tried for over a week to track a shipment with the order number.

  20. Robert Jordan Reply

    I’m looking for my order, BLUEGRASS LIVING Natural Gas Vent Free Infrared Gas HEATER.
    it was scheduled to be picked up at the Denham Spring Store Oct 5th. I lost my order number and not able to find email from Home Depot.

  21. Sherry wood Reply

    Yes, I ordered an 8pc. Aluminum seater patio set with the the fire pit table. Paid for my order, which you already took from my account! It was $59.99 I can’t find at this moment but the color was blue! If this was a scam, I will call and get my money back! I have thought that maybe I was taken! Can somebody please get in touch with me as soon as possible? Please.waiting to hear from you

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