SFC Service Express Courier Tracking

Enter SFC Tracking number in following online tracker system to track and trace your Express Courier Service, Warehouse, Shipping Carrier, Parcel, Mail, Transport, Logistics delivery status details online.

SFC Service (Send From China) Contact Details:-

Customer Support Phone number: 400-881-8106, or +86(755)2639-3003
Contact Email: fulfillment_sales@sfcservice.com.
Fax Number: 4008818106-801

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8 thoughts on “SFC Service Express Courier Tracking

  1. נטלי טוקרסקי nataly tokarsky Reply

    Peace ,
    I ordered a package in September
    I corresponded with the supplier, it was said that the package arrived to me on 30.10.2020.
    Tracking number SFC2WW9482009010149
    I did not receive the package, do not know where it is, where to look for it
    Asks for help finding the package

  2. Silvio Merola Reply

    I ordered a package through Amazon, waited for a month and it hasn’t arrived yet. Now It is showing as delivered but this did not happen. because I was present at my home all day and no courier showed up. I await an answer.

  3. Vengtas Reply

    I am Vpalliayiah from SOUTH Africa. your company was handling my package on the 30/08/2021. I have not received my package. Tracking number is SFC2WW9525108300020.
    Please can anyone give me the information of the company. Thank u any assistance will be highly appreciated

  4. Rebecca Klumpe Reply

    Hello, I am urgently waiting for an order. But in the tracking, they never update the status. so unfortunately I cannot track where my package is. I ask you to update the status of my tracking, the package is already in shipping for 9 days but where?

  5. Audrey Reply

    Hi, I ordered on the 3rd November 2021 and I haven’t received my parcel yet. On the tracking App, it’s saying client received. I have been sending Emails since but still nothing is being done. Why would I lie about this.

    Tracking number is :- SFC2WW8817111050016

    Can someone make a follow up or can I get my money back I paid a lot of money.

  6. gehad kassab Reply

    Shipped from Amazon. I want to know where to receive it sfc2WI20212022828611

  7. María Reply

    Hello, I made an order at Bodega Aurrerá and your company was handling my order and told me that it was already delivered but I have not received any package. the tracking number is 103336054200

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